We started this adventure with a simple idea: to design and produce the best leather winter gloves in the world. Men’s winter gloves that were on the market fell short in practically every category: poor fit, low quality, lack of style. Women’s winter gloves weren’t any better.

At a time when both men’s and women’s wardrobes were trending towards bespoke tailoring as well as high-quality materials and construction, we believed the market also deserved better leather winter gloves.

So the FitzGerald Morrell team introduced two winter glove styles:

Broughton, our men’s leather winter glove. Broughton is classically styled to match everything from Barbour jackets to cashmere overcoats.  It is constructed to withstand the winter elements and keep our clients protected from the cold.

Bennet, our women’s winter glove, offers the same degree of style and weather protection. Bennet is similar to Broughton in aesthetics and construction to withstand the winter elements.

The leather winter gloves you’d find in a boutique, department store, or an outdoor recreation outlet may be serviceable, but they’ll always fall short in the most important category: perfect fit.

Only FitzGerald Morrell offers  clients the ability to order truly bespoke sizing for premium-quality men’s and women’s winter gloves. To learn more, visit the online shop and start customizing your leather winter gloves today.