We’ve heard the same complaint from customers in NY to CA to AL:

“Why can’t I find a better leather shooting glove?”

When it comes to custom leather gloves, we’re problem solvers. So we sought to create a more durable, stylish, performance-minded, and long-lasting leather shooting glove. The result of that effort is what you see in our online shop today.

We’ve now introduced two men’s shooting gloves: Aldo, a hearty sportsman’s glove modeled after our Broughton winter glove; and Gasset, our minimalist men’s shooting glove. We call our women’s shooting glove Cicilla, a stylish leather shooting glove designed to last in the field as long as you do.

Aldo, Gasset, and Cicilla represent FitzGerald Morrell’s first foray into leather shooting gloves, and our field tests are already revealing great results. These leather shooting gloves are ergonomic, breathable, and (like all FitzGerald Morrell gloves) they can be customized with any color and sizing option (bespoke or pre-sized). We’ve reinforced them all to withstand the rigors of long a day in the field. They’ll protect your hands from the elements (and from hot, spent shells), and they come with an optional “trigger finger” slit adjustment to allow for even greater dexterity.

If you’ve been looking for a leather shooting glove, check out Aldo, Gasset, and Cicilla in the online shop.