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Golf equipment evolves at an ever-increasing rate. Drivers have gotten bigger, more accurate, more powerful, and easier to swing. Putters have larger sweet spots and better balance. Where there was once one kind of golf ball there are now myriad, all boasting different cores and shells for greater control, or distance.

Even apparel has evolved. Shoes, shirts, belts, hats, sunglasses… everything about golf seems to be aiming for greater performance and higher-quality.

Everything, except for golf gloves. Neither men’s golf gloves nor ladies’ golf gloves seemed to have improved in their fit or durability in recent years. In fact, the quality of golf gloves seems to be decreasing.

Just ask yourself how many golf gloves you’ve had to buy at the pro shop because your old pseudo-leather glove tore in the thumb or became brittle and flaky in the palm or in between your fingers. You can buy custom clubs, custom balls, custom shirts, pants and shoes… but you can’t buy custom golf gloves.

Until now.

We see an opportunity to deliver custom golf gloves in high-quality leather to performance-minded golfers. We call our mens golf gloves Lowery, and our ladies golf gloves Kearns.

Both are crafted in long-lasting and stylish Pittards leather and both custom golf gloves are available in any two of our twenty colors. We offer these golf gloves in either pre-sized or bespoke options, and can further customize both the men’s golf gloves and ladies golf gloves with embroidered initials and/or logos.

You deserve better golf gloves. Lowery and Kearns are the pinnacle choices. Customize your golf gloves in the online shop today.