After the launch of FitzGerald Morrell in November of 2014, a good friend called to ask us a simple question:

“What you did for custom winter gloves…. Could you do that for custom riding gloves, too?”

A longtime horseback riding enthusiast, this would-be FitzGerald Morrell customer was frustrated with the quality, style, and fit of equestrian gloves on the market and wanted to custom-craft her own unique horseback riding gloves.

No surprise, our design and bespoke glovemaking teams were up to the task, and soon introduced our two custom leather riding gloves:

Pollard is our men’s riding glove, inspired by the famous jockey and horseman Red Pollard. Pollard is a glove for “doing” – custom-crafted in Pittards leather and reinforced for competitive performance and long days in the saddle, Pollard is the world’s premier leather riding glove.

Lexington is our women’s riding glove. Similar to Pollard in style and durability, we offer Lexington in a variety of ladies’ sizes in addition to our bespoke leather glove sizing options.

To customize your Pollard or Lexington equestrian gloves, just visit the online shop and select your colors, lining, and size. Our talented team of bespoke glove designers will take care of the rest and deliver your horseback riding gloves as soon as possible.