This is the year of the leather driving glove. Style editors from GQ to the Wall Street Journal are heralding the return of the practical, minimalist, and stylish driving glove.

High-quality and performance men’s driving gloves used to be hard to find… and women’s driving gloves were practically non-existent outside of NY and LA fashion houses.

Fortunately, the FitzGerald Morrell design team recently crafted two classic and stylish leather driving gloves:

Goodspeed is our men’s driving glove, long-lasting and stylish two-tone glove perfect for styling up a spring wedding suit, or gearing up for a long road trip.

Camille is our women’s driving glove, an elegant and minimalist glove that our customers love as an accent piece for a long day on the open road, or for shopping around town.

We found inspiration for our men’s and women’s driving gloves in the real-life car mavens and competitive racers who rely on them to perform, and in the classic Hollywood car chase scenes that put actors like Steve McQueen (Bullitt), Gene Hackman (French Connection), and Nicolas Cage (The Rock) on the map.

We hope you enjoy these leather driving gloves. You can scoop up your own pair of Goodspeeds or Camilles in the online shop.