I’m Patrick Morrell & I'm obsessed with gloves.

In 2013 I discovered a problem: I couldn't find gloves that fit. Long fingers & wide palms are great for tossing a football, but not great for fitting into pre-sized gloves. So I started searching department stores, boutique fashion houses, & luxury labels for the perfect pair of gloves.

Premium leather. Silk. Cashmere. Classic tanning. Vibrant coloring. Precise measurements. Clean cuts. Expert tailoring.

I tried dozens of gloves.
All met some of these criteria.
None met the most important: perfect fit.

Eventually, I crossed paths with an expert bespoke glove-making team in the UK. Tapping into decades of expert craftsmanship, they hand-cut and stitched a pair of leather & cashmere gloves just for me. Now we’re working together to bring you the same bespoke luxury. Our mantra is simple:

“Quality + Elegance + Fit"


Every pair of FitzGerald Morrell gloves is custom-tailored to your size and style preference. They’re ergonomic. Classically styled. Long-lasting. Most importantly, nothing is cut or sewn until you send your exact measurements. True bespoke.