Bespoke glove-making takes time. 
We're old-school. 
We custom-cut and hand-craft every pair. 

Here's how it works:


  • When placing your order, you'll be asked to select a size option:

    • If you select the "Pre-Sized" option, we'll custom-craft your gloves based on our standard sizes (6.5 - 10.5), and delivery them back to you in 7-8 weeks.

    • If you select "Bespoke," we'll walk you through the following steps....

(Bespoke order process, continued...)

  • Upon receipt of your order details via the online shop, we'll mail you a personalized “Fit Kit” which you'll use to document your unique measurements. Your Fit Kit will arrive in your mailbox, courtesy of Uncle Sam and the US Postal Service.

  • When you receive your Fit Kit we ask that you use the enclosed pencil to trace your hands, and use the enclosed measuring tape to document other measurements (ex: wrist circumference, etc). Don't worry... the Fit Kit contains step-by-step instructions to walk you through the entire process. 

  • Once you've logged your measurements, just seal your Fit Kit order forms in the enclosed prepaid envelope & pop it in the mail. It goes straight to our UK workshop. (NOTE: Feel free to keep the pencil and measuring tape... our glovemaking team just needs the order forms!)

  • When the last stitch is sewn, we mail your gloves straight to you for years of wear & warmth.

Questions during the process?

Contact me, Pat Morrell, at 980.494.0625 or

8 week process?

Yep, we know... feels like a long time. We're very deliberate and meticulous when it comes to crafting your gloves. Our process ensures we make them right. Trust us, it's worth the wait. (And we'll email you regularly with updates on where your gloves are as they move through the workshop).

What if I don't like my gloves?

We'll make them right, either adjusting the original pair or crafting new gloves all together.

We put our family names -- FitzGerald & Morrell -- on every pair of gloves we make. Reputation means everything. We know that a positive reputation hinges on your being sincerely stoked about your gloves.

If we misfire in meeting any of your expectations, just call/email me (