How does this work?

We preemptively answer a few common questions about the ordering process on our "How it Works" webpage. Check that out here. If you have more questions, contact our founder Pat Morrell at or 980.494.0625. He loves talking gloves and would be happy to answer your questions and/or walk you through the ordering process.

So... I place an order and you send me a "FitzMo Fit-Kit"?

That's right. We're not sitting on an inventory of pre-cut, pre-made gloves. We custom-build your gloves based on your unique hands and measurements. We created the "FitzMo Bespoke Fit-Kit" to quickly and easily gather your measurements and physical hand-tracings for our craftsmen and women to then create your bespoke gloves. And we send it to you via the trusty US Postal Service so we build your gloves from your actual hand-tracings (avoiding any digital distortion). 

8 weeks to process my order... why does it take so long?

Bespoke clothing takes time. Custom suits, custom shirts, custom shoes... anything you order tailor-made, from scratch, from professional clothiers requires precise execution of a time-honed process. We've partnered with some of the most veteran and expert glove-makers in the world (based in the UK). They, and we, know what's required to deliver the perfect-fitting, long-lasting, classically-style glove you're looking for. And that process typically requires 8 weeks from order to delivery.

FitzGerald Morrell... why so many syllables?

Deets on the company -- i.e. family -- name(s) here.

Why the obsession with gloves?

It's a two-year long story, but here's the short/sweet answer.