We get this question a lot:

"Great gloves!...
But, what does 'bespoke' mean?"

To make a long story short, it's a fancy way of saying "custom-made" or "custom-tailored".

Something commissioned to a particular specification. "Bespoke" is derived from the verb to "bespeak," meaning to "speak for something" or "to give order for it to be made."
Synonyms: Custom. Tailored. Hand-made. One-of-a-kind.
Antonyms: Pre-made. Pre-sized. Off-the-shelf. Ready-to-wear.

There's a longstanding "bespoke" tradition in the upper echelons of the sartorial world (e.g. Gieves & Hawkes suits, Hamilton Shirts, John Lobb shoes).

This concept has recently become more prevalent across a growing number of clothing brands (e.g. Alton Lane suits, Proper Cloth shirts). Consumers desire one-of-a-kind, perfect-fitting, durable, and elegant pieces.

We share that passion for bespoke items. 
Our passion manifests in gloves. 
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