Why We Now Offer Bespoke AND Pre-Sized Gloves

When I first started this company in November of 2014, it was in response to a fundamental and personal sartorial challenge:

I couldn't find high-quality leather gloves that fit my long-fingered hands. 

Being able only to perceive the glove world through that personal lens, FitzGerald Morrell began as a 100%-bespoke and custom-measurements-only glove company. As our customers and fans know, this resulted in a personalized sizing approach -- via our "Fit Kit" delivery process -- to enable all of our customers to procure gloves that are custom-made to their unique and personal measurements.

But over the past few months, I've found myself asking questions about our model (in no small part due to emails and calls from our customers...). 

  • What about those customers who know that their "perfect-fit" gloves are actually one of the industry's standard sizes (S, M, L... 7.0, 8.5, 10.5)?
  • What could we do for customers who simply can't wait 8weeks for bespoke gloves? Cold hands are (appropriately) impatient hands...
  • How could our workshop team tweak our gloves so that we can more easily partner with retail and catalogue partners who also want to be a part of the FitzGerald Morrell mission (i.e. those companies ALSO want to provide luxury gloves that fit and last)?

Like most early-stage company founders, I now realized that I developed tunnel vision on the original concept. I focused narrowly on the bespoke line of products. Fortunately, our customers and partners have helped me regain a larger perspective...

Long story short, I'm stoked to announce that FitzGerald Morrell will now offering Pre-Sized gloves in addition to Bespoke.

Pre-Sized options are rooted in industry-standard sizing that is based on the circumference of the palm just below the knuckles i.e. a "6.5" ladies glove should be a great fit for customers whose hands are 6.5inches around, at their widest point between the knuckles and thumb. As far as FitzGerald Morrell gloves are concerned, we'll now offer sizing options for ladies from 6.5 - 8.5, and size options for men 8.5 - 10.5.

So... what will change?

- No Fit Kit. If you want to purchase Pre-Sized gloves, there's no need to go through our custom sizing process via our Fit Kit. You can just place your order through the online shop -- still selecting your style, color, and linings -- and our workshop team can go right to work with the Pre-Sized model in mind.
Delivery Speed. The delivery timetable for our Bespoke gloves is 8 weeks, from the date of purchase. Pre-Sizing offers our team opportunities to accelerate; customers can expect delivery in 4 weeks.

So... what will stay the same?

- Styles. You can still order ANY of the FitzGerald Morrell styles. (And we've expanded those styles for men and ladies for spring/summer 2015...)
- Colors. You can still select from ANY of our 20 colors.
- Linings. You can still select from ANY of our lining options (unlined, silk, cashmere). 
- Quality. We're still making these gloves in our same UK workshop by our same artisan team, using only the best Pittard's leather.


I'm always available at 1-980-494-0625 and via email at pat@fitzgeraldmorrell.com. Give me a shout or drop me a line anytime.