What We Read This Week, 5.10.2015

Every once in a while, we take a break from making custom leather gloves and get our read on...

FitzMo Blog: "Raise A Fearless Kid." Yeah, yeah, I know... this is shameless self promotion. But it's also honest. I read, and re-read, this blog a LOT before I hit "publish." I'll be a Dad soon. I take these "writing about my family and life" blogs pretty damn seriously. And I think you'll really dig this one. 

TaylorPearson.com: "Illegible Currency Arbitrage: How to Optimize for What Matters, Not What You Can Measure." It's OK. I had to read the title 3x, also. Don't worry. It's a much easier read than you think. I'm fortunate to have found this article at the perfect time in my slow and steady descent into the "where will all my time go!?!?" pre-new-baby freak-out. It is the smartest article I've EVER read about time management and maximizing your energy. Thank you, Taylor Pearson. 

Mr. Porter: "The Secrets Behind Our Favorite Logos." "As any overpaid, overcaffeinated marketing guru will tell you, a good logo is a powerful thing. What would Batman be without the bat symbol? Superman without the ā€œSā€? And if a logo can transform a man wearing his underpants on the outside into a superhero, imagine what it can do for a brand..." This is good. Read it. (What do you think? How do we stand on the logo front?)

OfficeLovin.com. My internet-rabbit-hole du jour. 10minutes of midday, mid meeting diversion and I'm a newly recharged man. Does it have anything to do with custom leather gloves? No. Tis the point entirely.