What We Read This Week, 3.27.2015

This is the first in what will be an ongoing series to recap relevant news in the fashion and/or glove worlds. We'll share articles and trends that are: 1) helpful to us as the stewards of this brand and business; and 2) entertaining for y'all as our friends, family, customers, and partners. 

Per usual, holler if you've got opinions to share... otherwise, here's the latest in news trends relevant to the bespoke glove world:

FitzMo Blog: "The Definitive Guide to Groomsmen Gifts.... 20 Gift Ideas for Your Groomsmen." Wedding season is upon us. Grooms must prepare accordingly.

GQ: "Six Essential Spring Layers." Agreed on all fronts, but forgot the gloves... should've made it "Seven."

WSJ: "Mad Men Costume Designer's 7 Favorite Outfits." The only thing that's missing from this list is every single three-piece suit that Roger Sterling has worn, and Burt Cooper's shoe-less style.

Bleacher Report: "Detroit Pistons Guard Reggie Jackson Wears Electronic Hunting Gloves on Bench." Headline pretty much speaks for itself. Mad respect to Reggie Jackson for investing in some quality handwear. (Reggie, drop us a line when you want to diversify your collection... we've got your off-court gloves needs covered...)

"This Land Opens an Annex in Charlotte, NC." One of our favorite companies -- This Land -- opened up a brick&mortar operation in Charlotte. Congrats to founder Dan McCready at the team on their continued growth. (If you don't know about This Land, peep their website to learn about their Mission... you'll be an instant fan).