Launch & Thanks

It's taken 2 years and a lot of research, phone calls, prototypes, and elbow grease, but the FitzGerald Morrell Bespoke Glove Company is officially open for business.

Plenty more blogs and updates to come -- hopefully, along with plenty of orders... -- but in the meantime I want to take a moment to thank a few people who, whether they knew it or not, helped inspire this new venture.

  • Clay Morrell. The best of better halves. 
  • Rob, Maureen, Mike, Sweezey, & Justin Morrell. No family celebrates crazy ideas like the Morrells.
  • Abbott Morrell. How her early morning walks inspired our logo...
  • The FitzGerald & Morrell Families.  This company is an homage to these two awesomely original families. More on them, here...
  • The Silver Dollar Gang. The capital of the universe? Raleigh. The capital of Raleigh? Broughton.
  • Ted Williams. A great friend and an unparalleled startup consigliere. If you want to push something over the finish line, get Ted Williams to be your peer-mentor.
  • Sam. My partner in the UK. Well, we're up and running... now for the fun part!
  • Bryan Delaney, James Hartsell, Josh Oakhurst, & the Skookum crew. I work for, and with, some of the brightest and gutsiest entrepreneurs in the world. Thanks all for creating an environment where you can't not be a brash "do-er."
  • Other entrepreneurs. The Poole brothers at The Alley, "Rathead," Scott Blackwell & Ann Marshall at High Wire Distilling, James Hill at High Cotton, Dan McCready at This Land, Mark Rickert at Mohawk Apps, Liz Sweezey at Sweezey Morrell Consulting, and countless other creative & independent do-ers whom I admire but haven't met (yet).
  • Josh Haymond, LegalZoom, & the good people at the Hal Marshall Bldg in Charlotte. LLCs and business licenses don't create themselves.
  • Hugh Antrim. College pal and design guru. Thanks for helping to polish the brand, brother.
  • Chris Manley. You sir, are a photographer extraordinaire. All pics on the site are compliments of Chris Manley (props also to Cat and Cy Manley for letting me steal Chris for the Sat AM photoshoot).