Introducing Spring & Summer 2015 Ladies' Styles

A bevy of new styles for the ladies' this spring and summer...


Style: Formal. 
Namesake: Miss Pippa Middleton. 
Occasions for wear: Black tie weddings. Debutante Balls. A night at the Opera.
Why we're introducing this glove: So that 2015 can be the year you buy your first pair of perfect-fitting and elegant full-length gloves.

Raleigh & Carolina

Style: Semi-formal summer wedding / Debutante party.
Namesake: Raleigh, NC. Where our founder first wore tails to escort debutantes in white gloves (a formative adolescent experience.)
Occasions for wear: Summer weddings. Debutante parties. High tea. Church.
Why we're introducing this glove: Because the summer wedding and debutante party season is fast approaching...


Style: Equestrian
Namesake: Kentucky history make this one a no-brainer... also, several members of the extended FitzGerald & Morrell families call Lexington home.
Occasions for wear: Riding. Looking stylish as hell in the barn.
Why we're introducing this glove: Because one of our great friends asked if we could make him a riding glove that will fit and last. We can, and do. And we can for the ladies, as well.


Style: Sporting
Namesake: "Watanya Cicilla", or "Little Sure Shot", is the name Sitting Bull gave to his "adopted" daughter, Miss Annie Oakley.
Occasions for wear: Shooting.
Why we're introducing this glove: Sportswomen need a stylishly durable glove that will fit and last. There's nothing on the market like the Cicilla.


Style: Driving.
Namesake: Camille du Gast. A pioneering, pugnacious, and stylish French widow-aristocrat turned car-lover and women's rights activist. Also the first French women to hold a driver's license. Not someone to be trifled with...
Occasions for wear: Driving, of course. Any practically any other occasion demanding elegance.
Why we're introducing this glove: Men aren't the only ones who need a glove to help transition from spring to summer.


Style: Golfing.
Namesake: Ruth Kearns FitzGerald. Nurse, scientist, teacher, mother, grandmother, and late-life golfer.
Occasions for wear: Driving, chipping, putting, covering one's mouth to hide a smile when outdriving one's competition. 
Why we're introducing this glove: Because I'm tired of buying the same cheap-leather-composite pro shop gloves three times every summer only to have them wear through and tear after a few rounds. We can make a better quality and better fitting glove.