Introducing Spring & Summer 2015 Men's Styles

You asked. We delivered.

The latest from our design team for spring and summer 2015...


Style: Driving glove
Stanley Goodspeed (i.e. Nic Cage), driver/destroyer of Ferraris and participant in an extremely formative and exhilarating car chase repeatedly viewed by a young action-movie-obsessed Pat Morrell throughout the mid- to late-90's.
Occasions for wear: Driving anything (classic sports cars, riding lawnmowers, etc). Looking damn good in a suit (like our good pal Matt Perez here). Finding a mate for your Adidas Rod Lavers.
Why we're introducing this glove: It's the perfect glove to bridge the transition from spring to summer (not too thick, not too warm... just right).


Style: Equestrian
Red Pollard, the jockey-who-was-too-big who rode Seabiscuit to fame in the late 1930's. I read Seabiscuit. Damn, I love that horse. And I love the tough-as-nails, never-give-up story of Red Pollard.
Occasions for wear: Riding. This is a glove meant for doing.
Why we're introducing this glove: Because one of our great friends asked if we could make him a riding glove that will fit and last. We can.


Style: Golf
Namesake: Eddie Lowery. Caddy to amateur Francis Ouimet in "The Greatest Game Ever Played", successful businessman, and champion-steward of amateur golf. 

Occasions for wear: Driving, chipping, and putting (if you need the extra grip). 
Why we're introducing this glove: Because I'm tired of buying the same cheap-leather-composite pro shop gloves three times every summer only to have them wear through and tear after a few rounds. We can make a better quality and better fitting glove. 

Gasset & Aldo

Style: Sporting.
Namesake: Jose y Ortega Gasset & Aldo Leopold.

Gasset, from "Meditations on Hunting": “Tis the reason men hunt. When you are fed up with the troublesome present, with being ‘very twentieth century,’ you take your gun, whistle for your dog, go out to the mountain, and, without further ado, give yourself the pleasure during a few hours or a few days of being ‘Paleolithic.’”

Leopold from "A Sand County Almanac": "I am glad I shall never be young without wild country to be young in. Of what avail are forty freedoms without a blank spot on the map.”

Occasions for wear: Upland shooting. 
Why we're introducing this glove: Because gentleman sportsmen require a gentleman sportsman's glove that will fit and last.