"Goes Great With..." vol 1

FitzGerald Morrell bespoke custom-tailored gloves go great with: 

"Your grandfather's overcoat"

Alone, the Broughton is a great glove. Warm. Stylish. Well-fitted. 

Dressed up with a classic cashmere overcoat, you have a winter wear 1-2 punch. Dual sartorial anchors from October to March. In my case, I'm lucky one couple of fronts: 1) NC winters aren't too harsh (this overcoat is often more than I need); and 2) my* overcoat is surprisingly** perfectly-fitted overcoat.

*Why "my" and **why "surprisingly"? I'll explain...

Some context: on the subject of marriage and my wife, I'm a broken record here on the blog... my remarks will take many forms (we Morrells like to talky-talky and typey-typey), but the sentiment boils down to one thing:

I got very lucky when I married my wife, Clay. 

And it's not just because she's particularly smart, cool, and all-around awesome. It's because her entire family is. My sisters Kate and Sawyer are unique and rad and sweet. My father-in-law Mike "Rathead" Riley is the king of hosts with friends every city (and they're the best kind of friends... the kind that own restaurants and make great cocktails). And my mother-in-law, Linda "YaYa" Riley is among the more generous people I've ever met. 

(Don't worry, there's a point to this preamble... I'm not just heaping praise on my in-laws to score brownie points.... although, as I type this out, that's an obvious side benefit).

"Yes... But again... How does this apply to "grandfather's coats?" you may ask. 

Because the coat I'm wearing in the pictures above... the coat that has become my favorite thing in my wardrobe... the coat that fits me perfectly... wasn't made for me, nor for any Morrell. This coat belong to Clay's grandfather, to YaYa's father. To "Granddaddy Forbes." 

I never knew him. He passed away years ago when Clay and I first began dating. Years later during Christmas in VA with the Rileys, YaYa suggested I try the coat to see if fit. "Somebody should be wearing this," she remarked. 

Slipping it on, I knew right away. Perfect fit. No tailoring needed. It's been a pleasure to wear it ever since. Again, I never knew Granddaddy Forbes.

But I know this. The man had style. And he bought things built to last. 

This coat isn't my coat. I'm just holding on to it for a while. I just hope my Broughtons are a worthy (And equally long-lasting) winterwear partner to the Forbes coat.

They've made a great team so far.