Pre-Holidays "State of the Union"

Hey gang,

First --> I want offer my apologies for the radio silence. Between the August trip abroad to visit our glove-making partners, a barrage of late summer orders (a good thing!), and the fact that Mrs. Morrell and I are expecting a little one in October (also a good thing!!), I have to admit I've been negligent here on the blog. (For shame, Patrick...). Thank you in advance for your understanding and forgiveness :)

Second --> as we all stare down the perennially busy holiday season, I want to bring y'all up to speed on the latest happenings at FitzGerald Morrell:

  1. Staying the course. (What's that old saying about "If it ain't broke..."?) We launched this company in November 2014 as a hopeful experiment in artisan-goods eCommerce. So far, the experiment has been a success that exceeded our most optimistic expectations. So as we stare down our one year anniversary, I want to assure y'all that everything you've come to know and love about FitzGerald Morrell -- the bespoke-fitting process, the styles, the color and lining diversity, our office manager & logo inspiration (Abbott the Wonder-Dog) -- will remain. We owe our success to you (our fans, customers, partners, friends, and family), and I don't plan to throw you any major curveballs around our process our products. We're still all about damn good gloves, made right, just for you. And as I know a lot of you out there bookmarked us months ago to come back for the holiday gift-giving season (more on that below), I want to assure you we're still the same new-company/old-school bespoke glove-makers you remember.
  2. In-Person Fittings. We've heard from several of you out there that you love the Fit Kit and the fitting process, but you could use a hand (literally/figuratively) and would love to meet our team face-to-face. While we don't have feet-on-the-street everywhere, there are members of the FitzGerald Morrell team in New York and Charlotte (our founding city). So, as of October 1, we are officially offering in-person fittings and glove style consultations... no extra charge beyond what you'd normally pay on the website + you get to meet some of the smiling faces at FitzGerald Morrell. To schedule your fitting, just click here and fill out the form.
  3. Google Hangout Consultations. If you just read bullet #2, and you don't live in New York or Charlotte, you're probably wondering "But what about the rest of us?!" We've got you covered.  We're also offering fittings and consultants via a Google Hangout video conference, and you can schedule a session via the same link. It's not the "in-person" experience, but the beautiful connective power of the interwebs enables the next best thing.
  4. Christmas Delivery Countdown. Folks are starting to ask, so I want to put it out there... in order to guarantee your bespoke glove delivery by December 25th, I'd advise you to place your orders online by November 2nd. Yep, that's pretty soon. Given how busy our workshop gets in the winter -- and given the timetable that guides our fitting process -- we need to ensure our team has plenty of runway and that we've set the right expectations for you. Granted, if you're giving someone a pair of gloves as a gift, asking him/her to fill out the Fit Kit in October may start to give away the Christmas morning surprise... but trust me, they'll still be giddy when they can slip on their gloves for the first time while watching "24 Hours of 'A Christmas Story'" on the big day. 

As always, if you have any questions/concerns/ideas you can reach me directly at and at 1-980-494-0625. Have an awesome October!

Pat Morrell