Clan FitzGerald + Famiglia Morrell

We brainstormed a number of different names for this company. 

In the end, we kept it in the family.

Two families, actually.

The FitzGeralds.
The Morrells.

Mom’s side.
Dad’s side.



NY roots. Now found in NY, KY, & NC. Lawyers. Teachers. Nurses. Judges. Professors. PhDs. Philosophers. Musicians. Faded blue jeans. Bow ties. Beards. Tattooed (the most, Uncle Tom, with 4). Book & movie aficionados. Joke-tellers. Reminiscers. Historians. Music lovers. Cool. Nerds (as am I... this is a compliment...).


CA roots. Now found in NY, CA, OR, DC, MD, & NC. Lawyers. Media leaders. Real estate tycoons. Doctors. Sports TV producers. Nurses. Salesmen. Startupers. Practically invented loafers-without-socks. Life of the party. Quickest wits. Culture mavens. Stylish (Uncle Mike taught me how to tie my first bowtie). Smart. Elegant.


Quick laughers.
Shameless huggers.
Fearless opinion-sharers.
Very, very funny.

This company is an homage to these warm, stylish, & crafty families.