How to Care for your Custom Leather Gloves

If you're reading this, my gut says you probably fall into 1 of the following categories:

  • You just bought your first pair of Broughtons or Adelaides, and you want to protect that investment (a wise move, I must say...)

  • You're still on the fence about FitzGerald Morrell gloves (take your time, no pressure...), and you want to know how much upkeep your new, potential gloves will require.

  • You've never heard of us but stumbled onto this blog via the magical mysteries of Google search (welcome, by the way...), and you want to learn more about custom leather gloves.

Regardless, here are few tips to protect your investment in FitzGerald Morrell custom leather gloves...

1) Listen To Your Father...

Some history: I'm 13 years old, sporting fresh-from-the-tailor linen pants and a blazer at a country club wedding for my oldest cousin. The bride's second cousin has been a little too liberal with the open bar and decides to use my new khaki linens for red wine target practice. Whether that errant spill was malicious or not will become part of Morrell family dinner table debates for years to come -- intent aside, there's enough red wine on my summer weight duds to be mistaken for an extra in the final scene from Scarface. Rich in 13-year-old social awkwardness, and suddenly the center of attention for all the wrong reasons ("Oh, that poor tween can't hold his liquor..."), I freeze. Just then, the wedding crowd parts like the Red Sea. My father appears, gently takes me by the shoulder, and walks me into the club house locker. After brief chatter with the locker room attendant, we commandeer one of the washing machines. 60minites later I'm wearing stain-free (though, slightly wrinkled) linen pants... All because (arguably) I followed the age-old adage of apparel care...

"Gotta get after it quickly, before it sets," my old man tells me. Sage words from a sage man.

LSS, the same rules apply to your custom leather gloves. The sooner you tackle the stain, the better. 

2) Hand Wash with Water...

Per the recommendation of our fabulous glove designer, Sam:

  • Produce a good lather in lukewarm water.
  • Immerse the gloves and wash gently while wearing them on your hands.
  • Remove gloves and rinse thoroughly in clean water.
  • Squeeze out all excess water from the fingers downwards and pull gently into shape.
  • Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • When dry, place on your hand and buff the surface with a soft cloth. 

Probably what you would've thought to do naturally, right? Look at you... you're smarter than you think.

3) Soaps...

I suddenly feel like a TV pitch man: "For tough stains, use..."

More often that not, you really don't need to use any soap or detergent -- a little mud just needs a little water and a quick scrub. But if you've got one a tough, set-in stain (again, pitch man...), our team recommends using a mild detergent or soapflakes from Leather Therapy as they specialize in this field of apparel care. 

A word of warning... don't use:

  • Cotton or synthetic washing materials
  • Anything containing bleach or Sodium Perborate
  • Fabric softener

4) On Machine Washing...

If you simply can't bring yourself to hand wash your custom leather gloves (I admire your honesty, if not your laziness and/or elitism), you can opt for the machine. But be careful. A few more instructions from Sam, the glove whisperer:

  • Wash the glove on the low temperature (up to 80°F) of the gentle cycle of a domestic washing machine.
  • Use mild detergent soap flakes designed to wash leather and woollens (i.e. Leather Therapy mentioned above).
  • Rinse gloves thoroughly in clean water.
  • Spin gently, pull into shape and hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat source.
  • When nearly dry, put the gloves on hand to restore shape and softness.
  • Remove from your hand and hang up to dry fully.
  • When dry, place on your hand and buff the surface with a soft cloth. 

5) Whites v. Colors..

The legendary rivalry continues. Whites and colors just don't mix. Let's say you have a pair of white, elbow-length Pippas and Crimson Raleighs... don't wash them together, unless you want those Pippas to turn pink.

6) Additional treatments...

A lot of people ask us: "Do I need to weatherproof my gloves with some kind of chemical treatment or cream." 

Our answer: "Good question.... but no."

Each pair FitzGerald Morrell's custom leather gloves is made with a particular leather from Pittard's that is chemically designed to withstand the elements and maintain color vibrancy and softness without the aid of additional treating.

Our team of glovemaking experts make it easy for you to have vibrant and comfortable gloves for years to come. Per the recommendations above, you just need to keep them clean.

We talk a lot about the importance of "tailoring" when it comes to your custom leather gloves. Proper care and protection are equally important towards maintaining your investment for the long-term.


Still have questions? We're always here to help: