Anatomy of our Customer Leather Gloves (Vol. 1)

After several road-tripping and activity-rich weeks (Boston, you were good to me), my wife Clay and I took some time to get the house in order, tackle a laundry list of to-do's (among them, laundry), and to crawl out from underneath the pile of mail that accumulated in our absence. 

There were baby shower announcements (congrats Mollie & Jay). There were bills (thanks Duke Energy). And there were catalogues; some wanted, others not (CostCo Connection Magazine... how did you find me!!??). Among them was a gem of particular inspiration: a Ledbury catalogue. 

I love this company. I've been buying their shirts for years (props to my sister-in-law Sawyer for turning me on to them years ago), I get their emails to stay up-to-speed, and I even pitched one of the co-founding Pauls when I worked for a digital marketing agency 4 years ago (full disclosure: they didn't need my help, these guys were rockin/rollin just fine on their own). 

But this was the first catalogue I've seen from the gents in Richmond. And I freaking loved it. 

  1. It's old school. Good ol' paper & mail. We're oldschool too. Game recognize game.
  2. It reminded me I need to stock up on shirts for the summer (order forthcoming, gang).
  3. It inspired me to tell more of our story. This page below struck me, in particular:

"It all started with the shirt. We spent years obsessing over cuffs, collars, buttons, and fabrics. Our goal is to create the world's greatest garments. Luxurious fabrics from Europe's finest mills are combined with subtle innovations, like a lowered second button, to create a shirt that is truly best-in-class."

Few companies tell their story better than Ledbury. They reinforce the quality of their brand by describing the quality of their products in passionate detail.

This inspired me. I figure it's high time my team and I start telling you more about what goes into FitzGerald Morrell gloves. So this blog is the first of several that will dive deep into the raw materials that our expert glovemakers combine to craft the greatest custom leather gloves in the world.

Best place to start? The leather itself.

Our glovemaking team sources all of our leather from Pittards. Established in Somerset, England in 1826, Pittards is a world leader in the manufacturing of high quality leathers. On top of supplying major luxury and retail brands Pittards is a research & development powerhouse. And each pair of FitzGerald Morrell gloves is constructed in Pittard's gamechangingly innovative WR100X leather.

WR100X is made from the hair sheep, a species native to the sub-tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. This leather is renowned for being soft, strong, breathable, and lightweight, making it ideal for the winter-weather and sporting needs of FitzGerald Morrell's customers.

A few highlights:

  • Water resistant. Every glovemakers has a two-fold challenge. To craft gloves that: 1) breathe (the secret to keeping hands warm when it's cold outside, and cool when it's hot); and 2) protect (insulate while repeling the elements, especially water/snow). Most glovemakers (and most leathers) do only one of those things well. We do both. Our glovemakers combine time-tested glove designs and veteran tricks of the trade with WR100X leather to craft custom leather gloves that offer supreme dexterity, breathability, and comfort. 
  • Sweat resistant. I sweat. You sweat. We all sweat. There's nothing wrong with it, unless you're wearing non-FitzMo gloves. Most regular leathers can deteriorate after exposure to the acid contained in human perspiration, often becoming hard, scaly, and brittle (you may have seen this before if you've purchased off-the-shelf retail gloves). FitzGerald Morrell gloves made w/ WR100X repel water & offer improved resistance to perspiration. This allows our team to craft custom leather gloves that will retain softness, feel and sensitivity.
  • Good grip. (Per "... water resistant technology limits water uptake into the fibre structure thus guaranteeing excellent grip and tactile sensitivity, even under the most adverse conditions. This allows for optimum grip to be applied and maximum control to be exerted." We make shooting gloves. Driving gloves. Equestrian gloves. We know grip is a paramount performance and safety concern. That's why we invest in Pittards.
  • Tailored Fit. Pittards WR100X leather offers sporting ladies gents a unique combo of softness of touch, a closer and more natural fit, and unique flexibility for ultimate comfort. 

Want to learn more? Give me a shout anytime -- 980.494.0625. Always happy to talk gloves.

Or, put our gloves to the test yourself...