A Few Overlooked Accessories for Summer 2015

You've got your classic summertime staples covered: bathing suit, flops, sunglasses, etc... here are a few classics you might've overlooked.

1) Plain White T. 

Lot of T shirt options out there in the market... but Everlane is by far the best. I freaking love this company. They make rad, minimalist items with a rad, minimalist mission: https://www.everlane.com/about. I just ordered two more of their Cotton Pocket Ts for what's sure to be another humid Carolina summer. And the cut on the T is ideal for taller, leaner guy like me -- just long enough and not too boxy. You know that guy you see around town who makes T shirt + jeans look Brando-esque? He's probably heard of Everlane...

2) Handkerchief. 

Full disclosure: I started carrying a red handkerchief 2 years ago because I 100% thought it would make me look cool.... just stuffed it in my back pocket and didn't touch it for about 6 months. My wife said the little sneaky pop of color made my tush look good in khakis. Who am I to argue?

Then that magical moment came when it was practical. A colleague and I were leading a big presentation. Conference room. 12 people. Long table. Powerpoint. #TheFull9Yards. One of my clients spilled his coffee all over the conference room table, mid-presentation. No paper towels in sight. I handed him my handkerchief and he resolved the situation like a pro. Handing it back to me afterwards, he gave me one of those "nice work, young man" looks. #GameRecognizeGame. 

Since then, I've found the little red handkerchief to be infinitely useful, especially during hot/sweaty summer months (What's up sweaty forehead? Oh nothing, just getting dabbed and cleaned up ever so gently by an awesomely soft handkerchief). 

You can scoop one up at practically any outdoor store. Great Outdoor Provision Co is my go-to in NC. Or if you want a hanky with some character from one the coolest damn companies on the planet, peep this from Imogene+Willie:

3) No-Show Socks.

Historically, I'm a "Vans, no socks" guy in the summer. Barefeet + rubber + canvas. Old school. How we like it. Same goes for loafers and boat shoes. Just maintaining the family sartorial tradition). 

2015 marks a turning point, however. In the interests of extending the life of my shoes -- and shielding the general public from midday-100-degree-Morrell-bare-feet-aromas, I'm doubling down on no-show socks this summer. 

And from what I've seen, the folks at Taft make one great sock (check that... "two great socks"). 

4) Oxford Shirts. 

Oxfords. The perfect "need to wear a tie but need to breathe in 100 degree heat", look-good classic. And Lumina Clothing Co, based in Raleigh, just down the road from the FitzMo Charlotte HQ, makes some of the very, very best. Can't recommend these enough.

5) Daily Sunscreen.

We're not afraid to tell you to listen to your parents (check out #1 here....). The truth is your Mom was right: "wear a little sunscreen everyday" is pretty damn good advice. And SuperGoop's "Everyday Sunscreen" blend is perfect for keeping your face hydrated and protected. If you're here and you're reading this blog, you're obviously wicked smart. Keep being smart. Wear a little sunscreen everyday. And call your mother to tell her how smart and responsible you've become. She'll worry less. 

6) Custom Leather Gloves. 

I'm not telling you to sport cashmere-lined winter gloves with your bathing suit on the beach -- although that could be a gamechanging new trend we don't foresee (if you want to try it out, we'll give you due props if it catches on...)

I'm telling you that when you hit the course, Lowery can get you down the fairway in style...

When you settle in for a nice long road trip with the top down, Goodspeed can help you stay in control...

When you saddle up for a long day on the trail, Pollard can help you keep a hold on the reins... 

And when you're out in the field, Gasset and Aldo will help keep your trigger finger at-the-ready...

LSS, have an awesome summer.