Why "6 Weeks" is now "8 Weeks"

Tactical update: I've decided to preemptively make a change to the delivery cycle at FitzGerald Morrell. 

Moving forward, we want to set the expectation for customers that it will likely take 8 weeks to process, craft, and ship you gloves.

"What happened to the original 6 weeks?" you might ask.

We're now seeing an 8 week cycle as simply more realistic in light of the current workshop queue and the potential shipping hurdles that can arise amidst winter weather and seasonal mail volume (UPS in 2013 comes to mind...).

We're pouring our passions into these gloves. Our team executes a meticulous artisan process, and that takes time. We'll work like hell to craft your gloves right and fast, but we'll always prioritize the former over the latter. That's our primary commitment to you, and to ourselves.

Bottomline: it's really, really important to me that this company sets honest and realistic expectations for our customers. Considering how frustrating I know it can be to endure delays and broken promises, I want to get ahead of any potential confusion.

Long story short, we're just going to ask you to wait a little bit longer before you get to wear your perfect-fitting gloves.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for believing in the FitzGerald Morrell bespoke process. 

Stay warm out there.