Broughton (men's fashion/winter) - $275

Adelaide (ladies' fashion/winter) - $275

Bennet (ladies' fashion/winter) - $250

Goodspeed (men's driving) - $265

Camille (ladies' driving) - $250

Lexington (ladies' equestrian) - $250

Pollard (men's equestrian) - $250

Gasset (men's shooting) - $250

Raleigh (ladies' summer) - $265

Lowery (men's golf) - $160

Aldo (men's shooting) - $250

Carolina (ladies' semi-formal) - $265

Kearns (ladies' golf) - $160

Cicilla (ladies' shooting) - $225

   Gift Certificates - from $160

  Gift Certificates - from $160

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I started the FitzGerald Morrell custom leather glove company with a simple mission: To custom-craft bespoke men's and women's leather gloves that fit & last. We believe that custom gloves should be expertly made, elegantly durable, and uniquely tailored. They should also be deliberately designed for maximum performance, dexterity, and comfort in any occasion. 

So our design team has been hard at work on a comprehensive portfolio of men's and women's leather gloves. And we're happy to announce that those gloves are "live" here in the custom leather gloves shop, and ready for you. A few highlights: in the "Dress/Evening" category, you'll find gloves like Pippa and Carolina, perfect accent pieces for an evening at the opera or at a debutante ball. In the "Driving" category, you'll find Goodspeed and Camille, your new favorite road trip companions. In the "Shooting" category are three new designs: Aldo and Gasset are our custom men's leather gloves for outdoorsmen, and Cicilla is our custom women's leather glove option. And in the "Winter" category, there are still the old standbys in the men's Broughton and the ladies' Bennet and Adelaide.

We are continuing to diversify our collection to bring you the best custom leather gloves available. We hope you enjoy them!


Patrick J. Morrell, Founder